Friday, February 13, 2009

Controlling acidity - the natural way | Dudhi bhopala juice for acidity | korfad for acidity | Cow milk for acidity

Hello readers,

Here we are with some more nature blessed solutions for acidity.

  1. Actually, the first one is not new for us. We have already discussed it in connection to the cure for heart problems. Yes, you guessed it right, same dudhi bhopala juice. Alongwith strengthening the heart, dudhi bhopala juice also helps in controlling acidity. This is what they call "Two birds in one stone". 
  2. We also have discussed korfad i.e Aloe Vera. Korfad is also very useful herb and cures many health problems ranging from skin problems to acidity. When you cut korfad leaves, you will get gelly substance. This korfad gel is riched with herbal properties. The korfad gel is a good medicine for controlling acidity. Just cut the leaf of korfad and eat 2-3 teaspoons of gel twice a day. And you willl be relieved of acidity.
  3. Another solution for acidity is cow milk. Like other nature blessings, cow milk also has several herbal properties. These herbal properties of cow milk is one of the reasons cow is considered as goddess in India. After milking the cow, keep milk in fridge. Do not boil it. And drink it at night before sleeping. This unboiled, cool cow milk controlls acidity very efficiently.  
If the you are suffering a lot with acidity, avoid eating pulses, meat, oily food and junk food.   
So these are some of the nature blessed ways to tackle with acidity. 

Wish you a very healthy day ahead!!!

Disclaimer : Article is only intended to uncover the medical properties of the herb. Please consult your doctor before using.