Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some more uses of Dudhi Bhopala

We have already seen some advantages of dudhi bhopala in some of our previous posts.
We have seen that dudhi helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels and thus strengthens the heart. Hence, patients with weak heart are advised to drink the dudhi bhopala juice every morning. It is also beneficial to cure acidity.

Now lets see some more uses dudhi bhopala offers.

  1. Dudhi has very low fat content and high water and fiber contents, making it ideal food for someone wanting to loose weight. 
  2. Also it's high fiber content facilitates the digestion process of body. If you are suffering with indigestion make sure you have dudhi in your diet.
  3. High water level gives you very good cooling effect.
  4. Consumption of dudhi juice helps in urinary infections.
  5. When mixed with coconut oil, dudhi juice can be used to massage on the scalp for relieving head aches.