Saturday, January 31, 2009

Neutralizing Acidity

Year 2009 has given me a good first month. In January, i met with with many of my friends with whome i was detached for more than a year. We talked on many topics from our native-town things to national issues. While discussing the health issues, i noted one thing that due to long working hours and late-night sitting, nearly all of us are facing the problem of acidity. This lead me to search for a nature blessed solution for acidity and here's what i got...

  • At night, submerge a sapodilla in butter. Note that whole sapodilla should be in butter.I guess, you all must be familiar with sapodila. In India, we call it chiku.
  • In the morning, take out the sapodilla and eat it.

Repeat it for some days, and see the result. Your acidity will surely be in control. I am still trying to discover some more solutions for controlling acidity and hopefully will post it soon.

Disclaimer : Article is only intended to uncover the medical properties of the herb. Please consult your doctor before using.

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