Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nature Blessed House-hold Tips - I

Dear nature lovers,

The two most severe problems world is facing today are economic crisis and global warming. Nowadays everybody is trying to save money and 'eco-friendly' is a buzz word for marketing equipments. I feel, to the some extent these problems can be solved by accepting nature's hand. Here are some very small, still effective nature blessed ways to handle some day-to-day problems. 

Ant Problems

Sometimes we come across a society of ants prospering in our house. These ants can be a problem specially when there is a small kid playing in your house. Ants wont spare you either if you will disturb them knowingly or unknowingly. 
Placing some skin of cucumber near ant-holes/ant-places will keep these ants away from your home. Theres no need to buy any chemicals. Eco-friendly and economic solution. Isn't it? Secondly, the kids always have a knack of chewing everything they get. Imagine, what if they chew any toxic substance. Cucumber skin wont affect that much.

Mosquitoes Problems

Mosquitoes can cause more severe problems, as they are the agents of many of viral diseases like malaria. This species really threatens our sleep. There are many coils, sprays, etc. available in the market for removing mosquitoes. But lets see what nature offers us. To get rid of mosquitoes at night, keep mint leaves of mint(i.e pudina ) near your bed or pillows and in around the room. Ohh!! so simple. So the freshness agent - mint - is also flushes mosquitoes from your bed-room. 

Eventhough, these tips wont save lacks of dollars or contribute too much in taking on global warming. But some says "Sea is made of numerous water-drops". We will come up with some more tips in near future. Stay tuned....

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Laura said...

Thanks for the tip about ants and cucumber skins. I am going to try it.