Friday, June 5, 2009

Korfad/Aloe as natural sunscreen

We have seen many uses of Aloe Vera (Korfad) in previous posts. Here is yet another use of Aloe Vera (korfad).

In hot summer, we used to use some sunscreen cream to avoid sun burn of our skin. We know that most of the skin-care lotions contains Aloe Vera (korfad) alongwith other chemical ingredients. But do we know that if you have Aloe Vera (korfad) plant in our garden, we can get 100% natural, without any chemical and many folds effective sunscreen within minutes. Yes, its true. We can use Aloe Vera(korfad) leaves as sunscreen. Just follow following steps.
  • Take an Aloe Vera(korfad) leaf.
  • Remove any spines along the edge.
  • Tear it lengthwise.
  • Extract the gel inside it into a glass or vessel.
  • Apply this gel to your skin.

Yes, this is as simple as that. The gel of Aloe Vera(korfad) leaf serves as natural sunscreen. The gel is transperant and is enriched with ingredients needed to care your screen. The gel of Aloe Vera(korfad) leaf not only cares your skin from sun, it will also makes it beautiful and bright. It can be extracted in minutes. Korfad has great healing porperties. Hence, it will cure if there is any injury on your skin as well. Moreover, we know how costly the sunscreen are in the market. If you have Aloe Vera (korfad) plant in your garden, then it wont cost you anything. Save your skin the natural way and save money too. Good deal, isn't it?

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