Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Plant without medical properties.

Recently, i came across a story from Indain sculptures. After reading this story, i thought that this story is the base of my blog and i must share it with all my readers and all nature lovers. But for understanding the story, you must know about the education system of those days in India. So, let's start with it.

In ancient India, there was 'gurukul' education system. Where 'guru' means teacher/master and 'kul' means house. So, the young boys were sent to the home of a well-knowledgable person. These 'gurukul's were situated away from human locality, mostly in forest. The students were kept away from the society and were given the knowledge of various subjects alongwith practical knowledge. All pupils were treated same, irrespective of the families they belong. After completion of the education, the guru's were given guru-dakshina from shishya (student). Guru-dakshina means financial or any other kind of help to the master.

After completing the education of herbs and medicine in gurukul, one of the shishya went to his guru and asked him what guru-dakshina does he desire from shishya. Guru asked the boy to go and search for only one plant which do not have any medical property. The name of such plant is the guru-dakshina he desires from shishya. After hearing that shishya asked guru for some time and went in the forest. He started examining every plant for its medical properties. He worked for days, weeks, months. He worked days and nights. After a year, the shishya went back to his guru disappointed that he could not find any plant not having medical properties. With a very heavy heart, he told his guru that he could not pay guru-dakshina as he could not find out the plant without medical properties in spite of working  hard for a year and examining all the plants in the forest. To his amusement, guru smiled and told him that he already knew there was no such plant in the universe. Nature has stuffed medical properties in all plants. Nothing is useless. And the realization of this truth, alongwith the knowledge about medical properties of so many plants was the best guru-dakshina he has got from shishya.

Moral of the story 
Nature is the greatest artist. Nature never creates anything useless. Everything has some role to play. Every plant has some sort of medical property in it. Its just a matter that we are ignorant about it.

So, lets discover, share every blessing of nature. Instead of trying to dominate nature, lets live with it.   

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